Transforming your customer support with AI-powered communication tool

Integrate HeroChat with Salesforce Service Cloud to enhance your customer service operations

What makes HeroChat the Perfect Choice?

Accurate Machine Translation

Our solution supports text and document translation in any language to ensure that the estimated quality score is always above your desired threshold.

Real-Time Customer Satisfaction and Agent Quality Metrics

Keep your fingers on the pulse of customer satisfaction (CSAT) and agent performance with our real-time insights dashboard.

AI-powered Writing Assistant

Shorten, simplify, improve, or summarize any text with ease.

Smart Reply

Our draft is based on your conversation history, knowledge base, and previously resolved tickets.

End-of-Chat Summarization

Summarize and translate your conversation once the chat is ended or transferred to another agent.

How can HeroChat Benefit your Business?

No need to hire agents for all languages.

Provide your customers with around-the-clock support, regardless of their location.

Enhance your customer relationships with improved satisfaction scores.

Capture valuable information to help management with decisions.

Continuously improve your support operations.

Flexible and Adaptable for your Business Needs

Initially built for Salesforce Service Cloud, HeroChat's architecture is flexible and expandable.

We have designed HeroChat to be adaptable to your business needs thanks to a powerful API. While it seamlessly integrates with Salesforce Omnichannel Service Cloud, do not hesitate to reach out if you want to deploy HeroChat in other popular customer service and sales platforms or internal systems.

As one of the leading customer service solutions, Zendesk is renowned for its simplicity, efficiency, and strong reporting capabilities. HeroChat can be tailored to harness these strengths, further enhancing the customer support experience.

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intercom (2)

Recognized for its real-time communication capabilities, Intercom is an esteemed customer communication platform. Its versatility in handling live chats, customer engagement, and support needs makes it a popular choice among businesses.

(coming soon)

Using a Different Platform?

If you're using a different system, we'd love to hear from you! Thanks to our innovative design, HeroChat can be tailored to a wide variety of customer service platforms. Our dedicated team will work closely with you to ensure HeroChat is compatible with your technology. Leverage the power of AI in customer support.

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Who's behind HeroChat?

HeroChat is the result of the cooperation between HeroForge and We bring over 15 years of expertise in the Salesforce ecosystem and over 15 years of Artificial Intelligence deployments. We are revolutionizing customer support operations to ensure companies are empowered to provided AI-driven omni-channel customer service.

A trusted name in the Salesforce ecosystem since 2009, HeroForge's deep expertise and commitment helps businesses maximize the benefits of Salesforce. Our mission is to empower companies to provide exceptional customer service by harnessing the power of AI.

With over 15 years of experience in AI, is a leader in cutting-edge AI solutions for language. Our expertise enables companies to create content faster and also to turn language data into actionable insights. Thanks to us, companies deliver the best customer experience.

Ready to Transform your Customer Support Operations?

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